Technology certified company of Kawasaki Manufacturing brand in Japan

                                                       有限会社 日成工業



Company Profile
  Company name   Nissei Industry Co., Ltd.
   Address     24-1, Miyauchi 2-chome, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi      Kanagawa 211-0051 Japan

 Access Map
   Tel & Fax     +81-44-797-2223   
  Founded     April, 1978
  Capital    JPY 10,000,000 yen
  Employees    5
  President & CEO    Noda, Masashi
   Major services  
  ・Production of various prototypes using resin parts
  ・Production of various prototypes using metal parts
  ・Ultra precision cutting of resin and metal parts

  ・Polishing of resin and metal parts
  ・3D data creation
  Major products   ・Prototype of medical system / device
   (endoscope, and stomach camera related parts)
  ・MEMS parts  (microfabrication of medical systems,
   and crime prevention systems)

  ・Part for semiconductor, and liquid crystal manufacturing    equipment  (ie. IC socket, and LED adsorption collet)

  ・Auto parts
   (fuel cell, flow analysis parts, special purpose jig)

  ・Electrical and communication parts prototypes
  ・OA related parts  (lens barreland reflectors)
  ・Other  (State-of-the-art technology parts)

  Key Customers   ・Medical equipment manufacturer
  ・Major electric manufacturer
  ・Major optical manufacturer
  ・Major tire manufacturer
  ・Acoustic device manufacturer
  Major Banks   ・Yokohama Bank Sinjyo brunch office
  ・Mitsuisumitomo Bank Mizonokuchi brunch office
  ・Kawasaki Credit union Sinjyo brunch office

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