Technology certified company of Kawasaki Manufacturing brand in Japan
                                                       有限会社 日成工業 


 Since foundation, we have been challenging to process difficult materials and
complicated shapes to create parts.
We have reputation for various high-quality combined processing with high technology, and experience of 5 axis machining and microfabrication using small diameter tool.
We also process a wide range of resins, metals, composites and new materials.



  Prototype of medical system / device
      (endoscope, and stomach camera related parts)
  MEMS parts
      (microfabrication of medical systems, and crime prevention systems)
  Part for semiconductor, and liquid crystal manufacturing

      (ie. IC socket, and LED adsorption collet)
  Auto parts
      (fuel cell, flow analysis parts, special purpose jig)
  Electrical and communication parts prototypes
  OA related parts  (lens barreland reflectors)
   Other  (state-of-the-art technology parts)

   Production of various prototypes using resin and metal parts

   Ultra precision cutting of resin and metal parts

   Polishing of resin and metal parts

   3D data creation


            "Test us before    you give up."

   Combined processing

We can cut to any shape you require using 5 axis machine.


Hole machining with small diameter tool, we can cut with critical tolerance.

   Mirror surface processing

Our mirror finish go without buffing, resulting in accurate finish with less sag.
   Fitting processing

We can develop matching parts even what can not be made with optical shaping. We can realize sound and feel as required.

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